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Steelex Stainless Steel 3Pcs Gift Set Jars & Serving Tray

Steelex Stainless Steel 3Pcs Gift Set Jars & Serving Tray

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Product Overview

Gift the joy of elegance and functionality with the Pearlpet Steelex Gift Set. Perfectly marrying modern aesthetics with everyday utility, this set is a must-have for those who value the blend of contemporary design and classic durability in their kitchenware.

Design & Aesthetics

Each set features three impeccably designed containers, boasting a sleek stainless steel finish that reflects the quality and craftsmanship Pearlpet is known for. The containers come with transparent lids, topped with a distinctive stainless steel knob, allowing you to view the contents with ease. These are all elegantly placed on a matching stainless steel serving tray with a textured finish, ensuring your snacks are served with style.

Usage & Versatility

Whether it's for serving dry snacks, storing small kitchen essentials, or as an ornamental piece on your dining table, the Steelex Gift Set is versatile. The clear lids ensure your goodies are showcased splendidly, while keeping them fresh for your guests.

Construction & Quality

Built to last, each container in the Steelex Gift Set is constructed with high-grade stainless steel, promising durability and resistance against corrosion. The clear PET lids are BPA-free, ensuring health safety for you and your family.

Ease of Maintenance

Designed with the modern household in mind, the Steelex Gift Set is low maintenance. The materials used allow for easy cleaning – ensuring that your set remains hygienic and shiny with minimal effort.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Aligning with Pearlpet’s environmentally conscious values, the materials used are recyclable, ensuring that your purchase contributes to a greener planet.

Made in India

As with all our products, the Steelex Gift Set is proudly designed and manufactured in India, supporting local industries and offering unparalleled quality that Pearlpet stands for.

Perfect for Gifting

The Steelex Gift Set is not just a purchase; it's an ideal gift. It’s a token of luxury and practicality for your loved ones, suitable for occasions such as weddings, housewarmings, or festivals.

Become a Part of Pearlpet’s Tradition

By choosing the Pearlpet Steelex Gift Set, you become a part of a brand that has been trusted in Indian homes for over 40 years. Embrace the legacy; choose Pearlpet.

Material of construction

Jar: Stainless Steel
Cap: Plastic
Tray: Stainless Steel

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