About Us

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Pearlpet, a brand under the pioneering Pearl Polymers Ltd, is the first and largest manufacturer of PET bottles, jars and containers in India.

Pearlpet products are safe, environment-friendly, sturdy, and non-toxic. This is the result of a robust and award-winning R&D department that has been innovating safe and durable kitchenware, packaging and storage for over half a century.

Incorporated in 1984, Pearlpet has carved a niche for itself as the most trusted name when one thinks of storage and packaging solutions in households and offices. Since its inception, Pearlpet has been the ideal choice for the food processing and packaging industry amongst many others.

Keeping up with the times, Pearlpet has been rigorous with its quality control and worked towards providing safe packaging and storage solutions to consumers and industries.



To offer modern, durable, and reliable storage solutions and provide quality products of value in the homeware category through excellence in product development, innovation and market execution.


To empower our customers with well-designed and smart world-class products that transform the way that one chooses storage safely and conveniently in the 21st century.Pearlpet envisions modern and responsible ways to enhance the safety and quality of primary food packaging across various commercial and non-commercial sectors.


Social Responsibility

Pearlpet has spearheaded the primary food packaging market in India and won several awards nationally and internationally. This hasn’t deterred the company from tirelessly innovating environmentally-conscious products and evolving with modern times.

In full cognisance of the responsibility that comes with manufacturing products for human consumption, Pearlpet prides itself in ensuring that all of its products are free of any harmful chemicals, safe to use and 100% recyclable. This has led to Pearlpet becoming a well-revered name in households, offices and other industries that seek quality products that are unbreakable, safe, and reliable.

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