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750ml Ellie Square Bottle Stainless Steel Cap - Set of 6

750ml Ellie Square Bottle Stainless Steel Cap - Set of 6

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Meet the Pearlpet Ellie Bottle in 750ml – the quintessential choice for those seeking a blend of minimalistic design and practical function. Engineered for the active individual, it is a testament to Pearlpet's dedication to delivering products that fit seamlessly into your healthful lifestyle.

Design & Aesthetics

The Ellie Bottle sports a crystal clear body, offering a minimalist chic that is both timeless and functional. The slender profile is not just visually appealing, but is ergonomically designed for easy handling and portability. Capped with a shiny stainless steel lid, this bottle is a statement piece that speaks to your taste for elegance and simplicity.

Usage & Convenience

The 750ml capacity is perfect for ensuring you stay hydrated without constant refills, whether at work, during a workout, or on a casual day out. Its transparency lets you keep track of your water intake effortlessly, encouraging a healthier daily routine.

Construction & Durability

Constructed from premium, BPA-free PET, the Ellie Bottle is built to endure daily use while safeguarding your drinks from any contaminants. The material's resilience guarantees the bottle's long life, aligning with Pearlpet's promise of quality and sustainability.

Ease of Cleaning

Designed with a wide mouth, the Ellie Bottle enables easy cleaning and quick drying, ensuring that hygiene is never a compromise. The materials used also resist staining and odors, keeping your bottle fresh and clean with minimal maintenance.

Eco-Friendly Choice

True to Pearlpet’s eco-friendly ethos, the Ellie Bottle is 100% recyclable, supporting your commitment to a greener environment by reducing single-use plastic consumption.

Proudly Made in India

The Ellie Bottle is designed and manufactured in India, reflecting Pearlpet's support for local industries and their high standards of craftsmanship.

Affordability & Accessibility

Pearlpet ensures that excellence is within reach, offering the Ellie Bottle at a price that allows everyone to incorporate style and functionality into their daily lives.

Embrace the Pearlpet Tradition

Choosing the Pearlpet Ellie Bottle is a choice for reliability. Join a legacy that has spanned over 40 years, and become a part of a community that values quality, heritage, and innovation.

Material of construction

Bottle: PET
Cap: Stainless Steel

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