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Plus Round Jars with Steel caps - Set of 6 - 1.7 litres

Plus Round Jars with Steel caps - Set of 6 - 1.7 litres

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Pearlpet Plus Jars: Clarity, Style, and Sustainability in Your Home

Elevate Your Storage Game: Introducing Pearlpet Plus Jars, the epitome of modern storage solutions. These jars aren't just containers; they're a statement of elegance and clarity, designed to make your pantry, kitchen, or any room shine with sophistication. The transparent design ensures you find what you're looking for at a glance, saving time and simplifying your daily routine.

Airtight Freshness with a Sleek Twist: Say hello to freshness that lasts. Our Pearlpet Plus Jars come with stainless steel lids that not only look chic but also create an airtight environment, ensuring your food items—be it spices, grains, or snacks—stay fresher, longer. With the added benefit of odor resistance, your kitchen essentials maintain their distinct tastes and aromas, just as you love them.

Stackable Design for Maximum Efficiency: We understand space is precious. That's why Pearlpet Plus Jars are designed to be stackable. Their uniformity allows you to neatly stack them in your pantry or on your countertop, maximizing space and keeping your storage areas organized and accessible.

Versatile and Multi-Purpose: From the kitchen to the craft room, these jars have endless uses. They're perfect for storing baking ingredients, coffee beans, or pasta. In the bathroom, they can elegantly display bath salts or cotton swabs. Even in the office, these jars can organize supplies, bringing order and style to every space.

Sustainable Choice for Eco-Conscious Living: Crafted with longevity in mind, Pearlpet Plus Jars are a sustainable storage option. These durable jars reduce the need for single-use plastics, and when it's time for a change, their recyclable materials ensure you stay committed to the environment without sacrificing style or quality.


      • Material: High-quality, clear PET with stainless steel lids
      • Sizes: Available in multiple sizes to cater to all your storage needs
      • Care: Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use

Ideal for Every Lifestyle: Whether you're a home chef, an organization enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the beauty in everyday objects, Pearlpet Plus Jars are designed with you in mind. They seamlessly integrate into any décor, bringing functionality and elegance to the forefront of your living space.

Choose Pearlpet Plus Jars: With Pearlpet Plus Jars, you're choosing more than just storage—you're choosing a lifestyle. A lifestyle where beauty and functionality coexist, where sustainability is standard, and where your home is an oasis of calm and order. Add Pearlpet Plus Jars to your cart today and step into a world of elegant organization.

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